In The Abyss

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Masses of snow high above my head
I didn't know that snow can be black
I'm lying on icy ground... the end is coming
Dark derides me

Black cold makes my finger sway
I let my tears flow down my face
Long time ago i forgot how taste my voice
I gave up that fight

Only occasional laughter of bats
And roar of falling avalanche above my head
Are raping that silence here
And i fumble in the dark... the labyrinth without the walls

I'm revolving that scene in my mind
When i was falling to the depth with sound of thunders
Stuned by fear with the hope in my heart
They say hope dies last

Long time i crawled
Long time i begged for help
I have no power to live anymore
Life became unbearable

There's nothing worse than loneliness
I'm spending my end without pain
The feeling, when you know, there's nothing that can help you
In the abyss, how long did i stay there?