Action Bronson

In The City

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In the city of big dream and bright lights
What you see is what you get so motherfucker look twice
Hard times, just tryna get by
I remember a night when I was tryna get high
So much stress

You at the game but I learn quick
Everything I purchase I've earned it
You can catch me in suburban swervin'
Window half down think I'm german
Hit the tree's now I'm bent, use febreeze for the scent
Hide the g's in a vent so you see the boy wiggle the keys to the benz
One and only, bam bam, flushing, queens represent
After we shoot we throw the check out, at least 10 stacks when I step out
Through explanations from the chefs mouth
No more stress

Tires screech for the iron I reach reclining the seat
Now you sleep, the shit is pure have you grinding your teeth
See a smile on ya face but you dying underneath
What it be? Ain't nothing, stay stunting
Jewerly on the wave runner
Bronsolino smoother than some shea butter
Chillin by the mountains like a grey hummer
Ate dinner while they played the whispers

I had the fish it was the delicious, had hibiscus syrup
Trips to europe, bitch I'm here cheer up
Have a beer, pull a chair up, there's some things we got to clear up
I'm the motherfucking mandate, big stack of money with the rubber band tight
Lie with the left, shake hands right
Thank you for coming good night

Autor(es): ,Jeff Woods

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