In The End

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Just another sleepless night.
I lay awake thinking of my life.
Am I really the one
I wanted to be?

All this knowledge they share.
It has really taken me nowhere.
I am still the one
I've always been.

Another day has passed by.
Another evening turns into night
And again I'm thinking
Was it wrong or was it right?

Why I'm destined to lose it all?
Every time I crash and fall.
And the way I live my life.
Why I fail it every time?

I can not face all this setbacks alone.
I am afraid to be left on my own.
Although you have been there for me my friend,
I know I'm going to fail in the end.

They say I got to go on.
One day fortune will knock on my door.
But after all things I've seen,
I just can't believe it.

Again on a sleepless night,
I sit awake, crying the tears I once hide,
And I realize I'm the one
I was afraid to be.