100 Monkeys


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You look so good
You look like Jello
Only me and you can get down
If it were yellow

Yellow jello
Me and you
We would make quite a pair
People would stare
And they would dare to ask
“What’s up with that?”

I said “Jello”

Let’s get some yellow jello ‘n mellow
We could beat that fellow jello

You and me
We’d be so slippery
If we
Were covered in jello
Yellow jello

You and me
We look like quite a scene
When we walked about on the street
Covered in jello
Yellow jello

We could be red fellows
Covered in yellow jello
If it was just you and me
We wouldn’t be mellow
Watch the television
Yes officer some kind of show
Any kind of show you know

That makes us yellow

You like jello pudding pops?
Well, I do too

That’s pretty sweet

Autor(es): 100 Monkeys