In The Forest Of The Demons From Within

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Running like a rabid animal
in the forest of my torments,
Myself is roaring with ache,
That I can feel penetrating my flesh...
These images carry on my soul,
I run and dive deeper in madness

I accelerate a bit more
My crazy run which drowns myself...
I accelerate a bit more
into infinity...
I jump throught the ferms
As the branches tear my flesh

I'm a blind who runs on a straight way,
Frightened by the shadow of my own spirit
The spectre of my memories is chasing myself
The spectre of my memories, my heart suffers...

This is a neverending loop
My spirit bolts and my legs accelerate

I ran without any break, on a straight way, in front of me...
But the day when I am back on the starting point arrived. I understood how senseless my run was,
My desperate run didn't make me go forward