In The Galaxy

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It's nearly dawn. I hear a sound
In the Galaxy
The country side is calling loud
In the Galaxy
Nature's Life is gonna die
No more Harmony

This place is no more paradise
It used to be one million years ago
Now you should stop, and look around
Maybe you'll fInd you're not so pround
you've burned the trees
Spoiled the seas
Built your cities
And you just let it go

Birds have lost their pleasant voice
In the Galaxy
The country bell is here to tell
No more Harmony

Always waiting till tomorrow
There's no hope if you just let it go
Open your mind, look at the sky
Dusty clouds obscured the sun

You've been foolish
Much too selfish
How will it be next century?
Nineteen eighty is the year
The Twenty first century's near
There is so much left to do
You gave your orders, then you left
And we'll just carry on