Lääz Rockit

In The Name Of The Father And The Gun

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See them rule these streets at night
Selling souls and dealing highs
Running with their smoking guns
Talking tough of damage done
Revolution in their minds
Only way they know is crime
Killing children with their fix
While they wear a crucifix

They are the voice
There is no choice
In the name of the father and the gun

Cities held by strangle hold
How to free them no one knows
There is no near end in sight
Those who try just lose the fight
Bonded by their colors worn
A violent way of life is born
Everyone's your enemy
Addiction is pure slavery

Death on our streets
But no one speaks
In the name of the father and the gun

In the name of the father
In the name of all that's wrong
All's said and done
In the name of the gun
In the eyes of a guilty man
His work is done

Now there's nowhere safe around
From the slums to chinatown
Home's become a living hell
Take me to the wishing well
Get me off these streets of fear
Someone get me out of here
Turn my head and look away
Free me from the endless shame

Take me away
I will not pray
In the name of the father, and the gun...


Autor(es): Aaron Jellum / John Torres / Michael Coons

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