In This 2 Win This

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On that rise like an elevator, I'm never the less only the greater.
The common denominator in your equation, but still I be like an invasion on Normandy when I storm on thee.
Straight invading your beaches, your president I'm impeaching.
Ignoring alto signs of Mexico, which means I don't stop.
Bringing my average white boy, suburbanite brand of hip-hop.
To all the people from sea to shining sea, but a white flag cannot end this bloody war you better listen to me.


We in this to win this bring that fitness for your mind
Living your life like you're always in rewind
But stop now kid you'll never catch wreck
Pick up the stride pick up the pace
It's time to resurrect.

There comes a time in your life when you have to take a stand, do you rise above the normal or be a common man?
Can you take a step in faith can you hold it on your own, do you stand alone in public or hide alone at home?
For the gnashing teeth of children coming at you with a vengeance, and right about now don't you wish you had a six-foot fence?
And life can be so hard from all the things I saw, not a weak link in my chain and this I say is law.
Intruders come to tear me down and that's when I straight explode, crashing universal mainframes causing networks to implode.
And this is how I keep my rhyme styles out of risk, form the laptop to the hard drive backed up on floppy disk.
See this might be the only shot you have to keep it real, in the name of hip-hop you got to let them know the deal.
You came to flex your rhyme styles likes pecks on muscle beach, is there something about this life that you think is out of reach?


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