Into Obscurity

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The hour is late, skies shine red
Mankind is walking down the path of sorrow
A darkened way, where the damned walk
Misfortune and agony is all they know
A journey to the hill of guilt
Into obscure waters without any grounds
Where floods of destination flow
The day fades away eternal darkness falls

So beautiful the stars are made - Darkness around
Flames of the nameless burn the night - From hopeless grounds
Famine is rising from the sky - Cold bloody rain
Blinded by visions of former life - Mankind still marches....

Oh, shameful heaven, what have we done?
Fear of silence, the angels are hesitating
Serenity fades with the darkening of the skies
Another world that is laid to rest
The feelings are gone, just memories of war
A planet is soon one with the galaxy

Population waits for the grand deluge
Dwelling in dungeons made of hard stone
There' s only emptiness, not to prevail
Running alone through darkened nightmares
Failed industry, lost strength, power and hope
Some rocks from space and fate is finally sealed

Nowhere is to hide - plaques are on the side
All across the land - soon it all will end
Death out of snowfall - whiter than white

Watch the big fire in the sky
Seeing blood & madness in the states
Once denied by mankind and not realised
Now meteorites menace the earth from space
And while realising the fading of all life
Souls of former paranoia have returned
Cold blood flows through the streets, a peaceful man stands tall
Visions once seen in the circle of fire

Visions - of gruesome inventions
Visions - of bad suspicion
Visions - of tall vanity
Visions - of long disarry
The seer saw it all before
The seer saw it all...

Another race will quickly dissapear
It doesn't matter where men try to go
Technology against fate is senseless
Just progress was worth living for
Now without hope some will be proud
Once risen so high, yet so far to fall
Great nations built with the bones of the dead ones
But the Final Judgement is not over

„Remembrance on forgotten things
An unknown world can grow in silence here
Witness of a new horizon
Gentle visions of not ending fear

Left behind some traces in the sand
After several years of autumn rain
Burning flowers which we saw
The sense was all the hurting pain"

Time keeps still marching on
Laughters of innocence
Damnation remained so far
The human fate is sealed

We leave behind a solemn planet without pain & fear
The plaque of mankind spread so quickly between time & place
Decay is gone, the virus has won, a new beginning starts at all
Evolution brought disgrace, noone understood the dawn of disgrace

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