Into The Battle

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Into the battle - the blood of our enemies stains on our hands
Into the battle - roaming the land
Into the battle - death is by our side
Into the battle - for victory we ride

Dawn is breaking, a new day has begun
We saddle our horses, a battle has to be won
In shiny armour we look up to the sky
Our blades are sharpened, all enemies shall die

The hooves of our horses give a thundering sound
As we are heading towards the battleground
In fear and sheer terror our enemies cry
Our blades are sharpened, now they all will die

Into the battle...

Oh mighty gods of war
To you I raise my voice
Aflame our blades with burning fire
And let the cold steel of our swords
Meet all those who dare standing against us

Breaking your bones, split your skull in two
Ripping through your flesh is what we gonna do
Tearing out your guts, hearken to your cries
Desecrate your body, in agony you die

When the sun sets and the shadows fall
Victory is ours, we devoured them all
Drenched in blood we leave the battleground
Corpses of our enemies are all that can be found

Into the battle...

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