Into The Domain Beyond All Horizons

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Eternal in my shapeless form I reach the dark domain
Soaring above these lands of torture
Fragments of eternity disappear as sunlight fades,
Rearranging to ephemeral darkened silhouettes

Reborn in bacchanalia of diabolical shades
Chariotry of Righteous Wrath splits the nightly sky
In exposed midnight vault
Crimson tears of wisdom embrace these mighty warriors
Their thoughts coloured in black,
Bitter dreams cast in despondency...

I behold the moonrise and make up my farewell song
Drowned among the fierceful lunar waves of blessed Nocturnal Sea...
My feelings are numb, though I scent another scarlet dawn
And everflaming solar hatred burning restlessly...

Walk into my affliction and see my despair
Fly with me, beyond the gates of Death Herself -
Into the domain beyond all horizons...

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