Into Yer Shtik

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Youre so tormented
To all the assholes (just like you)
Whove come and gone (before you)
Just plain dull
Why dont you
Blow your brains out, too?
Youre so into yer shtik

Youre so hounded
By scum sucking leeches
Who will shovel your shit
Sweep your dessert
(Both before and after it)
Feed your ego
They never tell you no
All of you
Make me sick
Youre so into yer shtik

And theyre all into your shtik

Well, mitchells got a new girl
Shes nineteen
Hollywood model
Star of the screen
Shes up here
To support the scene
Its all part
Of his rock and roll fantasy

Stan was at the bar
With bandaged hands
They tried to dry him out
And he got mad
Cut his fist
Punching hospital glass
Made his myth
Now hes trapped

Susies just a girl
Whos doing her job
That came to new york
And wanted a car
Working with the management
To the stars
Kissing ass
Is a part of her job
Its part of her job
Yeah, its part of her job
Oh she loves her job
What the hell?
She does it so well

Im not perfect
Ive lived a life of mistakes
Im not perfect
Theres one thing I cant take
You are into yer shtik
Youre so into yer shtik
And theyre so into yer shtik
Fuck you, you make me sick

Autor(es): Mudhoney

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