Invading Jerusalem

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In the times of middle-age
The holy war began between
Crusaders and the sarasins in jerusalem
The sound of swords is roaring
The smell of blood is invading
War has begun under the name of thy creator

Servants of those speechless gods
In which of these books lies the verity ?
The mysteries of the cosmic pungency ?
Thou corrupt the people, satisfy your vanity
Controlling the unheeding and reckless majority

Beheading disciples of isa
Destroying the sons of messiah
Erasing disciples of allah
Invading the holy land

Filled with pride and boldness
The holy warrior will kill
The voice of god is gracing him with hatred
Descendants of our race
Remember our statement :
God is a creation intended to oblivion

Defenders of jerusalem
Witness the error of man
Behold! the tyrant has come
Burn the name of god, once and for all

Invading jerusalem!