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The invasion has started
the legion is here
the end has arrived as is foretold
tons of small spacecraft
appear in the sky
a giant invasion nobody knows why
army is defenceless
as the all will slowly die
is this the end? or will we survive?
the battlefleet lands as blast doors open
hundreds of terrible creatures
flood out in the open

Devouring and killing
all thats in sight
with knifes claws and teeth
rend asunder all this human meat
slaughter all of humanity
inhuman butchery
on a scale - never before seen

Solo - Slaughtering of the innocent

Food or slaves mercy not brought
massive creature army
commanded by the gnome overlord
his commanders steer
the massive beastly force
gore fills the streets
the end of the world has finally come

Welcome to your hell on earth
as we eradicate mankind

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