Eva Simons


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Boom boom, bang bang
Knocks me out till I'm seeing stars
Technicolor, neon lover
So bright you're giving of sparks
Ohohohohoh ohoh

I can't help myself but I want to
You're so hot I'm melting away
News flash, avalanche- wow
You blow me away
He got me yodeling,yodeling whoohooh
He got me....
Jodelin jodelin jodelin

Breath in, breath out
Rescue team give me cpr
Am I conscious, am I dreaming?
You're the light at the end of the dark
Can you help me here, I'm in danger
I'm not scared of sliping away
Boom bang avalanche wow!
I'm rolling away

He got me yodeling whoohooh
He got me...
Jodelin jodelin jodelin