Invisible Empire

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Hello and welcome to the Invisible Empire
Gather around as we light this fire
People, listen to me, I will tell you the score
There's too many immigrants
And we don't want anymore

The Invisible Empire, is all around you
The Invisible Empire, is getting bigger
The Invisible Empire, is looking at you
The Invisible Empire, watch out nigger

We're in the neighborhood, but you don't know
And we won't rest until you go
We're in your schools, we're in your jobs
We're on the corner,
And we're watching you rob

We're in your cities, we're in your towns
You can't escape, because we'll track you down
Look behind you, we're in the streets
We're all around you, and we won't retreat

If you ignore us, then you will see
We don't take shit, 'cause this is our country
Take your ugly women, and take your cash
We don't want you near us, you dirty black trash

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