In Your Life

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Looking back through the crystal of colours
at the good things gone by in your life.
Don't you see that they're vague and deceptive
and you'll never return though you try.
It's easy to follow
and it's hard to make your own way.
So you think and you dream,
trying to find the missing link in your life.

As you walk through your days of confusion
and you cry because something seems lost,
you feel helpless and sad as you wonder
without knowing what fine that it costs.
It's easy to sorrow
and it's hard to live something new.
So you just wait and see,
this will never set you free in your life.

If you dream of a mountain of golden
that will shine out for what you are worth.
When you wake, don't start wasting the morning
for a mountain is part of this earth.
It's easy to linger
and it's hard to climb that old high.
So you sit and you pray
for a short and easy way in your life.

So how come you are feeling so lonely,
you've got friends taking good care of you.
And they're all so alike and they love you,
but you never can tell who is who.
It's easy not to wonder
and it's hard to think for yourself.
Where am I, who are they?
It could be the longest day in your life.

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