The call

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I dreamt of a voice that I knew
It delivered a message that was clear enough
So I wrote every letter, made sure
That everyone else, mainly me, would be able to

Bear in mind that some things in life should just not be forgotten
‘Cause if they are then we should be careful ‘cause then they might just Fade away.

And so that voice that I knew
Kept calling me up every other night and
Eventually I realized the reason for all of those visits was you,
Who I

Could have had unconsciously buried and obliterated,
But thoughts revived and helped me
Remember one day at some point you’d be gone.

And so you are and I’ve been beating myself, blaming for not
Having grown up, become mature enough to be there by your side.
And I wake up quite often wishing I could travel back in time
To make it up and face reality, not shrink and tell you:

Will you come back?
Will you get back?
Will you come back?
Will you get back to me some time?

Redempt me, forgive me, redempt me, forgive me.