Loudon Wainwright III

I Remember Sex

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I remember sex. that thing we used to do
Where you'd lay down and usually i'd lie on top of you
Sometimes you'd lie on top of me. we tried that out a bit
But it didn't work as well, i guess something just didn't fit

I remember sex. we had it at night
A few times in the morning and then after we would fight
And on special occasions when we'd had too much to drink
Once in a morris minor, a convertible, i think

I remember sex. it was such a big deal
That we worried where it would come from much more than our next meal
And we were always hungry, often we overate
It was up and down and back and forth and hurry up and wait

I remember sex. and when we went to bed
Sometimes we didn't sleep at all - we just had sex instead
And having it was heavenly, not getting it - pure hell
And it was either great or bad, few did it merely well

I remember sex. and how it made us feel
Completely realistic yet totally surreal
A thing that we all thought about and all that we thought of
That distant crazy cousin to the scary thing called love

I remember sex. i started on my own
When you and i stopped having it, i tried it on the phone
But that was so expensive and sex is just a crutch
And since i kicked the habit i don't think about it much... but...

I remember sex. something that we did
And we always used to worry we'd end up with a kid
Then we'd have to get rid of it or else we'd have to wed
These days sex can kill ya, kids, so stay awake in bed

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