Aaron Gillespie


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I don't know what I designed this for
I'm sick of closing doors
Crawling on all the floors
I'm backing down now cause I'm sick of my head
I heard all about you
My mess is mixed in under you
I finally know it's time to lose

I'm caught up in this
It's getting uglier by the minute
It's better now that I'm in it
I'm all lost in this
Man, it could be right here, right now
Man, it could be anywhere or now

Unrelentless, making me
So lost in this thing, everything in my way
Someone, someone please hear me out
I'll get back to where I was
All because you say
I'll turn you around
I'll get you out

Someone, someone please
Someone, someone please
I'm sick of this to go up
I'm sick of this breaking down
Please make this shape.

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