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Shifting composure from paralyzing fear
To an instant state of focused intention
Breaching the threshold between now and ancient years
Pass through the portal into hyper dimensions

Locked in a state of suspended animation
Consciousness removed from physical self
Immersed in ather as I struggle to perceive
Observing the sequential separation of my cells

Thirty seven thousand years, to learn the truth withheld
To find the senses lost, in illusions
Opening Pandora's box, to know a better way
Unleashed the paradox, irreversible

My disbelief at war with what I see
Ancient man much more advanced than anything we ever achieved
We've been deceived
Technologies negating gravity

Humanity genetically created by foreign entities
To serve their needs
The mission's over and time is drawing near
Begin calucations for my forward ascension

Speeding tenfold from the wormhole I appear
Back in the world of my original inception
Shocked in a state of tremendous hesitation
Helplessness consumes me like the flames of hell

Subversive future of impossibility
Worse than my original destination itself
There's no turning back, this is the end result
Transformed nightmares, this world has become

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