Is Anybody Going To San Antone No. 2

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Sleepin' under a table in a roadside bar a man could wake up stoned
Just blow in my ear and that'll wake me up I think I'll just follow you home
That girl on the barstool with long blonde hair she sure looks good from the rear
She just turned around and she's wearin' a beard don't that seem kinda weird

Is anybody goin' to San Antone or maybe to LA
I don't know why I said that I'm goin' the other way

I'm goin' outside and catch me a ride

Something's drippin' down the front of my shirt I don't know what to think
I guess it's true that I spill more than other people drink
Winds whippin' down the back of my neck like I ain't got nothing on
Wish the welfare cadillac would pick me up and take me to San Antone

Is anybody goin' to San Antone or maybe Albuequrque
I would thumb a ride and ride with pride but my thumb is to darn jerky

[ false whistle ]
I can't whistle either Charlie

Autor(es): Dave Kirby / Glenn Martin

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