Arrayan Path


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Since our Babylon's creation
She's been worshipped by the nation
But the love that she provided
Was the end of all man pride
Even with the gods she caused them pain
She killed Tammuz
And on this night the burning skies
Would never dare to speak her name

Take me in your arms

I am the death keeper
I am the keeper love me
Ereshkigal let her burn in the Hadian soil
Keeper burn me with your riddle
Oh naked in my soul

Cross the seven gates
Back to a world that still awaits
She must revive their inner lust
Their burning sexuality
Back to the abyss
Where all the souls hide in the mist
Forsaken queen of our underworld
You know you must give in

I found myself in you

Tearing down the walls
The margins of society
Letting out the sound of silence
And it's silence that's gone
When all the love is vanished

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