Inkubus Sukkubus


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Let the people sing,
And let the people dance
Let our souls be unchained,
Let our souls be free.

Light the sacred fire of love,
Underneath the moon above
Now the summer is here,
The summer here at last.

Let the girls wear flowers in their hear,
And let the day be long.
And let our minds be full of love,
Of music and of songs.

Let us be as foolish as we please,
and let leaves be on the trees.
Let sweet fragrance be on the air,
And we as wild as we dare.

Karnayna, Karnayna,
Karnayna, Karnayna.

Let nature's law be upon the land,
And let forest be lush.
Let the poppies be in the corn,
And let us be reborn.

Karnayna, Karnayna,
Karnayna, Karnayna.

Let the children dream

Karnayna, Karnayna,
Karnayna, Karnayna.

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