Marcy Playground

Keagan's Christmas

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Three days 'til Christmas
I can't wait that long
If I could, I'd be a saint
I have this complaint
Why can't Christmas be today?
Three days is much too far away

Dad said, "Go to bed."
Cuz that's where I should be
But I can't simply because
That crazy Santa Clause
Keeps knock, knock, knockin' on the roof
"It's really him Dad, it's the truth"

Yuletide Christmas
Angels carolling
Starlight, snowflakes
Drifting, warbling
Past the window frame
Past the places where I dream

Late night, Christmas Eve
I'm finally in bed
And then boom, bam
Get out of bed
I nearly cracked my head
As I go flyin' down the stairs
To greet my Mom and Dad on Christmas Day

(I can't wait for Christmas day)

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