It Aint Easy

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It's coming out slowly
This time it's going to last
You take theworld on when you're lonely
But right now it's just too fast

(chorus 1)
Well honey, it aint easy coming down
So come back into my arms when you're around

You fall out of heaven
And fly around beneath
Breaking your feathers
In all the places you have been

(chorus 2)
Well honey, it aint easy falling down
So take your wings when you go from this town

But I can't take my eyes of you
And I can't live this way without you
But I can't write the words that I wan't to
You drag me through days of silence
Subject me to weeks of violence
But I can't find the words to describe your face

You climb through the window
Lift your arms out to the sky
The tears falling slowly
Through the corners of your eyes

(chorus 3)
Well honey, it aint easy coming down
And I hope you'll forgve me when I bring you down