I Talked To You Today

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I talked to you today
It was so nice
You laughed, sounded happy, in a surprised way
You got me excited
Oh, I'm very, very excited
I'm thinkin about you
I'm thinki' about you
I know there'll be some changes, you and I
I gotta see if you can accept my requirements.
I gotta see if I can adjust myself to meet your requirements, but
I would like to try, definitely
It seems good to me I want to try for sure
Believe me, my body is getting into something I don't quite understand, but
That's good
It's not bad, definitely not bad
It's good
I suppose we could be disappointed
Obviously, I'm willing to take that chance, and so are you
I like that about you
I suppose we remind each other of something, someplace
I remember the first time
It's not something you forget
I guarantee, I'll match that first time
The next time
Which is not too long from now

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