The Bear Quartet

Kept Fine

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Searching around the hours
Out on the platform,
The last cigarette
Had me some bad machine coffee
At least dreams won't haunt me
Now that your dress is wet
Out in the evergreen,
Don't tell anyone
Be nice to their brains
And if they find you out
Don't forget

That i'm way ahead
This time
I'm way ahead
For a while

Even here is too near
If i knew you well enough i'd say
You'll smash a car or anything to pieces
Yeah, you scare me, go away
Tuff in a town as good as anyone just need a place to stay
And a shower, in the dark
Doing the simple things

I'm well ahead
This time
I'm way ahead
For a while

Before moving on for days
My dear spring is getting here
My name on your face

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