Action Bronson

It Concerns Me

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Since the last time I seen you boo I been around the world
Drugs is gettin' twirled, while driving something absurd
Something you never seen, gold and forest green
Leanin', growl like a demon, the tires smoking when I'm leaving
Playing poker on the river boat
Hid the ace long rifle in my bitch's coke

Flip off the balcony, knife to the throat, ice in the coke
Coke on the table, wild n' out in roanoke
Hall & oates we at the benefit for wild owls
They had the fresh water bass served five styles
Flix with ellen degeneres rockin' perry ellis
Been a degenerate cutting ribbons with senators
Knock on my door with balloons and that big check
I'm not surprised though still dip in the 5-0
It's all about survival, me and supplies man I'm live on arrival

I got the drugs rolled perfect
The gold turkish, flow furnished
I been a earner, just call me earnest
Leave the logistics to attorneys, but if it's money it concerns me
Yo wake the fuck up tell my bitch to pull the truck up
Had the marijuana rolled up bitch this shouldn't be a hold up

So much paper it don't fold up, grab the plastic it won't mold up
I'm on the boat smoking gold dust
I marry ya niece, cash me out in paris for fleece
Shoot the back of ya knees, gary sinise
Speaking arabic in greece
Grown men turn the keys to cheese, as I water ski belize

I seen a lot but I ain't seen it all
Dreams to ball but I ain't talking bout seton hall
Hot red lamborghini, special seat and all
Plus the doors open up like a season whore
Now you motherfuckers are sour, wishin' you had the vision
Could've been doing division, stay in the coupe like a pigeon

Apartment is getting close to the roof ya boy is risen
Greek men, jump off the back of the boat for dinner
Barehanded snatch up a octopus I'm a winner
Grill it, hit it with olive oil and lemon
Then kiss my fingers, efharisto that was delicious

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