Bill Anderson

I Thank God For You

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I shudder to think what might have happened to me if I hadn't met you when I did
My life was just one big mangled mess of mistakes no purpose and no future ahead

And I was as lost as a leaf on a river and as wild as a straw in the wind
But you came along and just by being you made me feel like a woman again
(Every minute that I may live)
I'll thank God for you

You know the lonesomest feeling there is in this old world
Is to know that there's no one who cares
And then you look up and have you come along
Somebody somewhere surely heard my prayers

Give me your hand now and I want you to hold on real tight
Cause the road might just get a little rough
We've got a lotta mountains out there to climb
But we've gonna make it on faith and on love

(Every morning when I wake up) I thank God for you
(Every night I close my eyes) and I thank God for you

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