I Thank You

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Life did not paint in pink for me
the gray days
that I've already passed

and the sun did not always shine on my face

Hw you came into my life
and whispered to me like so

I will love you forever unconditionally
I wake up from my sleep every morning

And only one prayer in this heart
of mine exists
that we may wake up embracing
like this forever

Because from your heart a great love still
into my heart
which is in love for eternity

I thank you my wife
that you are by my side
you put strength into my life
that I did not have
you give from yourself
and you love unconditionally
only to you I swear
that I'll love you to the end of my days

For me life did not paint...

My beloved I owe you my life
if you only knew
how many empty days I knew
thanks to God for giving you to me

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