I Think

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Verse 1 (Male): Goin thru some things
That rack my mind
I think of you
All the time
I don't know what it is
I never felt this way before
But this is something
I can't ignore

I think I love you
You are my sunshine
I think I need you
You make my life alright
I think youre the only one
I need in my life
I think youre the one
To be my wife
I think...

Verse 2 (Fem): Baby if I give you
All of my life
Do you promise
That you'll treat me right
See I've been hurt before
And I dont need it again
Don't just be my lover
Be my bestfriend

Bridge (Male): Right here, right now
I pledge myself
I want you
And nobody else
(Female) And if I trust you
Let my guard down
Will you leave me
Or will you stick around
(Male) Name it baby
Flowers, cars or minks
The price dont matter
Beacuse Baby I think...