It Isn't What He Said, But The Way He Said It!

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[1st verse:]
Happy, I'm so happy
I could throw myself away
Some peculiar something
Keeps my heart a-jumping
Both night and day
Stupid Mister Cupid
Went and pierced me thro' the heart
I've been fascinated
Simply captivated
Captured from the start

It isn't what he said
But the way he said it
Made me fall
He spoke of wedding bells
Until it seem'd the knot was tied
He described an automobile
And it was just as good as taking a ride
The way he spoke of love
Set my heart a-bouncing like a ball
He told me of a kiss last week
So natural, I could feel it on my cheek
It isn't what he said
But after he said it
I had to love him, that's all

[2nd verse:]
Clever, he's so clever
You could never understand
Ev'ry word they carry
In the dictionary
Is at his command
Peaches are his speeches
They're the finest in the land
He'll describe a jewel
In a way that you will
Feel it on your hand

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