It's a Lovely Day for a Holocaust

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It's a lovely day
For a Holocaust

Rise and shine
It has come time
For greeting the new day
The sun comes in
New life begins
And all your troubles go away
The morning rays
You sing their praise
As the joy fills up your eyes
The rain's away
It's a lovely day
And it'd be fucking great to die

And then a fire swept the plains
And there was no more pain

In a flash
It turned to ash
And was one big unmarked grave
The people cried
"I don't know why"
No one here was saved
To all our eyes
What a surprise
No one expected this
But what do you know
That's how it goes
With apocalypse

The lick of flames going in for the kill
Corpses burning like fat on the grill
All is ruined, all is lost
A lovely day for a Holocaust

So was it blasphemy?
Or perhaps some darker art
That took the final shot
And tore us all apart
But it's been real
It's been fun
It's been too long
And now it's done

And everything that was
Has blown away
And everything beautiful
Was destroyed today
And for all we were
What do we have to show?
Better cancel your plans
'Cause to Hell we go
Why should we sit
And calculate the loss?
It was a lovely day for a Holocaust

And then a fire swept the plains
And there was no more pain


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