Krite Attack

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Escaped from a prison asteroid
intergalactic criminals
cannablistic little
furball scum
humans flee in terror
as they are all consumed
fuzzy hairballs with
insatiable appetites

Hunting humans
their meat with feet
human buffet
of all to stay

Voracious species
they will hunt you down
shoot you with their darts
fear spreads around the little town

They eat you so fast
you have no time to scream
they w/ill get you all
you will all see
chewed down to the bone

With an appetite for human flesh
you will all be destroyed by
giant rolling furrball of death

Intergalactic bountyhunters
are hired to eradicate
but the little fuckers
are too hard to terminate

Solo: Party at the burger joint

Krites Devour All

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