It's Just a Movie, Stupid

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She was all alone in this imperfect world
And was very, very lonely
Nobody really understood just how she felt
Till one day she slipped on a banana peel

Then there he was, he picked her up
And asked her, "hey, are you okay?"
He was tall and dark, and strong and kind,
And sensitive with washboard abs, and it was

Bullshit. bullshit. that would never happen.

Knights in shining armor haven't been around since the middle ages
No one will love you till you've gotten through all your depression stages

Pull your head out of your ass, and go hit the stairmaster
Learn to paint, or take some yoga, 'cuz your
Life is not a complete disaster.

He's been friends with her since they were five
But she's in love with some other guy
He tried to get her to feel the same way about him
But she hasn't come around yet

Her boyfriend then cheated on her with
A cheerleader and seventeen strippers
Her best friend said she's too good for him.
What she needs is probably right in front of her

She began to think 'bout the guy who was always there for her
And realized they were meant for each other
She looked for him, but his car broke down
So he's all alone walking in the rain
She runs after him, as she called his name, and it was

Bullshit. bullshit. that would never happen.

Five bucks says that she totally wouldn't taken back the guy that cheated on her

The notion of him ever getting out of the friend-zone is absurd
Pull your head out of your ass, get a life or something
Make some friends, and chase your dreams, 'cuz you
Won't get chicks with your low self esteem.

She walked into a party looking beautiful
He couldn't look away
There eyes met, and it was love at first

Bullshit. bullshit. that would never happen.

Romeo and juliet is a fairy tale and nothing more.
You've gotta go around and date a bunch of duds before you finally score
Pull your head out of your ass
There's no perfect soulmate
Let it go, 'cuz movies are just a
Place to go on an average date.

Pull your head out of your ass
Embrace the disappointment
Pull your head out of your ass
'cuz that movie romance is all bullshit.

Autor(es): Kersey / Key / Rzemyk

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