It's Like That

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Here it is plain and simple your nuts took you're f&cking with crook that's
Really off the hook check the book we profit in 6 digits or better it's the
Houston trend setter making chips with cheddar been the roughest on the scene
Since the year '93 now i shake down and break down punk niggas for free when i
Flip my currency it's multiplied by three one of a kind in '99 on a spendng
Spree you betta ask big g before f&cking with ke i crucify lyrically, anyone
Steppin to me, as for big pokey, he's one of the coldest in the game, when you
Stretch out,or catch out or feel his pain, you know my name (say what) the
Youngest don of them all, betta sit tall, remote control screens fall, it's all
The way a playa ball, keep ice on his wrist, like this and like that and like
That and like this
(chorus) it's like this and like that and like this and uh, it's like that and
Like this and like that and uh, south side of the map we spactacula, sinsa and
The don right back at ya, it's going down, and you know it's going down, the
Roughest and toughest representing h-town, pound for pound you know we can't
Be touched, when the mic get clouched boys get a head rush
It's that ke'sta, and that big podena, certified tag teamers, who will rock the
Arena, with a point of a finger we serve niggas supenias, then rip up singles
And split the money between us, i took a six through the city when i been in the
Corner, presidential on my wrist about to give me nuemonia, from h-town to
Arizona we see these sellers, got niggas chest itching like they swallowed some
Wella, lil ke and po-den we so crisp and clean bubble eye european, jag lit with
Screens, princess cuts and pinky rings, i'm a lyrical king, you know the type of
Sh&t you only see in your dreams, i make them feen, i pull up on crom 19, i
Smash on gasoling for my bread increase, the only color is green sip drank and
Lean, big poke and lil ke we south side best team
(chorus)repeat 1x
You know the big aquation like to bite the mic, when i'm on the bitches mind
Betta you strap your knife, throwing stripes, marbling over buckets of
Parasites, per sight, no point about to light up your life, i'm in your chest
Gee it's a fact you can't digest me, when niggas test me, i'll make you miss me,
And that's for real, i issue out blows you can't shield, niggas wig get peeled,
With the verses i spill, bets get up, when i enter the door it get glit up,when
I aim a hoe at you you get lit up, so much ice on my arm make my arm go num,
Charm like a light show, can't you see i'm the bomb, knocking heads with the don
Representing our turf, got strips on our shirt, just for putting in work, hittin
It where it hurts, spactacula, lil-ke and po-yo right back at ya
(chorus) repeat 2x's

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