It's Mine

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I'm out of my league
I've done it again
Can never tell where, can never tell when
Just when I swore,
I'd had enough
Electricity's flying and I'm lit up
And I know And I know And I know
I know I've been through this before
Here I go, here I go, here I go
Here I go again, You're on my mind

I want to feel you put your hands through my hair
I want to feel a little fun in the air, we can share
All I need is just a piece of you time
And well maybe a bottle of wine
If it's early we can go on the town
If you want to we can stay at home and just settle down
Either way I need a piece of your time
And it's mine, And it's mine, And it's mine

They're widening their eyes
They're looking askance
They're saying is this some new romance?
Others are claiming
They knew all along

Autor(es): Eleanor McEvoy

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