Dead Moon

It's O.K

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Its okay, weve all seen better days
Its okay, you dont have to run and hide away
Its okay
Its okay, yeah we love you anyway

For in those reckless moments
When doubt is creeping in your head
Feeling like youve lost your youth
And the dreams you had are cold and dead
I cant reach you anymore
Thats gonna take a different man
I cant protect you like before
Youve slipped beyond my hands
But its okay.......

I wish that I could light the path
That leads to a life of no mistakes
Hold you from the damned be done
That living out of safety seems to take
I remember still the child in you
As if only yesterday
It was easy to break through
I only had to kiss the pain
But its okay.......

This is my chance, this is my life
And my opening hour
This is my choice, this is my voice
There may be no tomorrow
This is my plea, this is my need
This is my time for standing free
This is my step, this is my depth
In a world demanding of me
But iss okay.......

Autor(es): Fred Cole