It's Only a Happy Ending To You

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you said theres only a bullet
left in the gun
hardly a promise
in all that ive done
but i promise the trigger
yeah, i promised to pull it
i said i'd be the one to save you
but i cant save you anymore

when theres only a bullet
left in the gun
i'll be the ink on the paper
and the red in the sun
i wont leave anything undone
i promise you that,
i promised to pull the trigger

so when the sun sets into shadows
and shadows turn to silhouettes
i'll do anything to help you forget
the faces you'll always remember
you'll always remember
the taste of the embers from the first time
the first time

(hold on baby, i swear we're gonna make it)

is it a matter of memory
that this answer never came to me
i said i'd try to save you
but i couldnt save you
not with what i did
that bitter truth i always hid
im the one i have to kill!
its the only way, the only way
to save you

so here i stand
on the eve of my defeat
bloody water and broken streets
led me to this night

now with only a bullet
(im finding the trigger)
and my promise to pull it
(what i couldnt give her)
will be written with the blood of a liar
the blood of a liar
the blood of a liar
im nothing more than a liar
im nothing
with only a bullet left in the gun
im letting everything simply go undone

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