Aimee Mann

It's Over

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Everything's beautiful,
Every day's a holiday, the day you live without it
Everything changes up, everything shifts and falls unless you care about it

But you sit there in the darkness,
And you make plans but they're hopeless
And you blame God when you're lonely
And you'll call it fate, when you show up too late and it's over

Here on the boulevard, you were the golden boy
A mix of brains and muscle
That was a lucky break
Luck is a thing you make
Not just another hustle


'Cause nothing can wait forever
They don't give unlimited chances in life
They hand you the knife and tell you to cut it around

So baby let's fly
Baby let's ride, baby let's ride

Cause everything's beautiful, every day's a holiday
But days are getting shorter
The moon and the stars report the boulevard's last resort
And now your last supporter


Autor(es): Aimee Mann