Allen Asbury

It's Raining Again

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We've gathered in the name, the name that is Love
We've come with our hearts and our prayers
And we've lifted our offerings up
And His touch is always higher
We pray that His Spirit will rain down like fire

And it's raining again
The Spirit of heaven is falling on men
And it's raining again
And all of our heartaches soon they will end
For His love is a consummate shower
That it rains down glory and power
It's raining again

We're washed in the blood, the blood that defies
Any hold that sin may have, any one of the enemy's lies
And all eyes are safe in His grace
Our spirits are strengthened each time that it rains

No love, no love is like this
No love is so true
Oh, no fear, no fear compares
When it's raining on you

Autor(es): David Robertson

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