It's What Your Country Can Do For You

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Have we reached the final exit, as they unleash their hate upon us.
The struggle to evoke free spirits, returning their control in vain
As time is slowly ticking all away will the strong survive just one more day
Should we put our trust in all who say god will lead us on that glorious day

Regain control, life is passing by for sure
Regain control in essence there may be no cure

It's not what you can do for your country,
It's what your country can do for you.

They'll take away your freedom all your rights to help you find a job working for their corporate human machine.
That's right, you need to work for the human machine.
There is certainly no other way.
You need to get up every morning and punch that time clock.
You are a machine, a human machine working for your government so they can become stronger and more powerful.
So they can crush the enemies of their so called civilized societies.

The time has come to remove the pork bellies from their political throne.
In an age of oppression these power mongers must be brought down to their knees and slaughtered like the swine they are.
The rich should be made to share their assets with the poor and underprivileged of the world.
It's time for the youth of today to take a stance, to stand up and be counted.
Freedom is nearly lost!
Freedom as you and I know it will be soon a thing of the past as the governments assume all control and dictate the way all shall live.

The future is bleak, is bleak, is bleak

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