Operation Cliff Clavin

I Used To Be A Meat Eater

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i used to be just like you
i used to the same dumb things you do
i used to say i'll eat what i want to eat
i used to say i liked the taste of meat too much to ever give it up
and i thought vegetarians were dumb
and i could argue with them all day wrong because i knew that they were wrong
and i said that i had never killed nothing
and i said that i didn't want them to suffer
the way that they're treated they're better off dead
and i didn't think that i
would ever give a shit
and i didn't think that i
played a part in it
and i didn't think that i
could make a difference
well i guess i just didn't think

now i know that i was wrong
i think i must have known it all along
that what i ate was alive and felt pain and agony
all because i wanted to eat
and the food on my plate used to breath and think and it had a family
and one day i was thinkin' about it and it all seemed so clear to me
that i had to change my murderin' lifestyle
and do my best to help others see
because now that i played a part in it
and now that i
had everything to do with it
and now that i
can make a difference
now i
now i know.

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