All 4 One

Whatever You Want

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What would it take
To turn your heart my way
To move you with each word that I say?
'Cause I just want to learn
And I just want to know
I just want to hold you, baby, forever
Chances like these are seldom and few
And this is one chance I'm not going to lose
So forgive my emotions for speaking out loud
But every time you're around I won't say

Whatever you want
Just say the words
I'd buy you the stars
For whatever they're worth
To spell out this love across the universe
I'll do whatever you want
You can swear upon this love
For whatever you want

Just one kiss
Would seal our fate
Just one chance is all it takes
So open your soul
And let me in
It's up to you, baby
To let this love begin


You're the dream
I've been waiting for
In a world where dreams are fleeting
Your love is a miracle
That my soul been needing

[Chorus x 2]

Whatever you... whatever you want
Whatever you... whatever you want
Whatever you... whatever you want
For whatever you want