Mel Street

I've Found Someone Of My Own

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I got up this morning while I was havin' my coffee
My woman came in sat right down by my side
And with a tear in her eye she said I've a conffesion to make you
And I said woman speak once on your mind
She said I found somebody new to take your place
I said don't feel so all alone I've found someone of my own

You know those lonely nights when you left me all alone
Oh my new love would call and comfort me on the phone
And I said darling if that's the way it's gotta be
Oh sweet woman don't you worry bout me
She said I found somebody new...

I got up from the table reached down and wiped the tears from her face
I put out my cigarette I turned and slowly walked away
She said I found somebody new...
She said I found somebody new...

Autor(es): Frank Robinson

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