Steve Moakler

I’ve Got You To Love

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I’ve got a little backyard where the grass is green
Got a new age instant coffee machine
I’ve got a little bit of money for a friday night
Flag out front red, blue, and white
Yeah, I’m free, and that would be enough

But I’ve got you to love, I’ve got you to hold me
My own cinderella living in my story
And I can’t put it down, no, I can’t get enough
So, if you see me smiling it’s because
I’ve got you to love

I got this six string and pickup truck
And buddies that will be there when I get stuck
Yeah, I’ve got central heat and air
And my soul’s all set with the man upstairs
Yeah, I’m free, and that would be enough

Baby, there you go, you don’t even know
What I love about you
You got me spun around, I want to slow ‘em down
All the things that you do

I’m the lucky one, always buzzing on
The faces you make
Like a hundred little pictures, somebody oughta take
Yeah you’re mine all mine

Autor(es): Connie Harrington / Steve Moakler