Jane Siberry

La Jalouse

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La jalouse
I said no
La jalouse
I told you to go
You trick me with all your lies
Trick me 'til i'm on your side
Drag me into your stinking pit
Don't cry (baby)
Just get out and never come back
La jalouse
Mon amie mon contre amie mon amie mon contre amie
La jalouse
I told you to go
Something you said tipped me off to who you were
We were talking in the kitchen
I closed my eyes i put the glass down
I knocked the table over than i
I grabbed your shoulders then i
Threw you as hard as ever
La jalouse
Where would you go anyway (here, have some wine)
La jalouse
Let's talk about old...let's review some things
You made me crazy losemy mind
Now i can't remember why.
I don't even like the guy

Autor(es): Jane Siberry

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