Dark The Suns

Lake Of A Thousand Tears

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In the midways of this mortal night
I found me on gloomy shores,
gone astray from the right path
I saw the one who was to guide me.
"Go to the other shore. Go to the other side...
I go first and you will follow me
Into the night, there to dwell."

Sailing this ocean of eternal dream
You will soar offering all of your tears
Sailing this ocean of silent waters
I will be leading you across the dark

From high seas to the bay - and so back - waters move.
All my mistakes cascade on me
and every single tear is waterfall.

Once the air was filled with the brightest light and hope.
Now silent rain freezes in the air
never touching the icing waters.

Autor(es): Inka Tuomaala / Mikko Ojala