My Own Grave

I Wake Up

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I take a deep breath to find myself trapped on a high breech.
You created this, this hollow world of mourning and misery.
Scars of sorrow run over my body, my body of grief.
I look away, over the steep edge, just one push and my existance,
delluminates for life, one helping hand will start the strife.
I'm the one, the dog you blame for your:
Inconvinience - of what ? too many decisions.
Headache - from what ? too many illusions.
Failures - how come ? we bite at command.
Losses - so what ? people died by my hand.
Nightmares - guilty as charged, I'll haunt your sorry ass 'til I die!
We are in the cage you made, electrified air, shackled to death.
We are in the cage you made, enhanced protection, come to me.
in a war you chose to fight.
Well no weapon is perfect,
so cover your face as it backfires into the future!